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Capture the qualitative aspects of your business

28 multiple choice questions completed in 5 mins to capture elements such as team experience, market competition, and barriers to entry...

Company's Information
1.1 Please describe your nature of business. Is it a growing industry?
1.2 Describe your business models.
1.3 Your company status?
1.4 What is your funding type?
1.5 Does your company holds rights to any IP (patent, trademark…)
1.6 How many years have your company operated for?
1.7 Target market region
1.8 Where is your company headquarters (HQ) situated?
1.9 Number of employees in your organisation

2.0  Financial Background

2.1 What is your revenue growth for the past 5 years?
2.2 Is your gross profit margin consistent?
2.3 What is your net profit margin range?
2.4 How much do you owe, compared to your total equity?
2.5 Does your company have sufficient cashflow?
3.1 Have your company raised any funds prior to this? What type of fundraising round is this?
3.2 Are your products / services different from what is offered in the market?
3.3 How competitive is your industry?
3.4 Is your market saturated?
3.5 Describe your business' entry barrier
4.1 Are there sufficient hierarchy and segregation of roles in the higher management?
4.2 Does your company have an advisor?
4.3 Is your higher management highly educated?
4.4 How many years of experience does your management have in this industry?
4.5 Does the management team comprise of mostly family members?
5.1 Is your business valuation justified and reasonable?
5.2 What is the purpose of this fundraising exercise?
5.3 How significant is this fund raising amount relative to your business valuation?
5.4 Have you designed an attractive exit plan / Return Of Investment (ROI) for the investors?

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1.0  Company Background

3.0  Industrial Performance

4.0  Management Background

5.0  Deal and Exit

6.0  Upload Current and Projected Financial Report

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