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We want our clients to still recognize our simplicity logo as everything evolves over the time. Wezmart is to ensure its ahead of trend, so does its logo. A logo refresh is more than just branding so important to reflect how technology has made drastic impact to business.

The past logo emphasising services deliverable in the traditional compliance services, with current one emphasising innovative and digitally productive as our new brand trait of identity.

Wezmart has unveiled its new logo which is said to disrupt the traditional rules of professional business and the past logo usage doesn’t really say much.


This new dynamic logo aids Wezmart to encapsulate its professional business essence of: -

1) Innovative & Digitally Productive, 2) Resources Interconnected, and 3) Customisation

A circle, representing the globe with some unlinked meridians should ultimately interconnecting with each other, has formed part of its logo shape which is the perfect representation of Wezmart’s value creation via digital innovation in resources sharing at borderless markets.

The new Wezmart logo portrays the company name in all lower case letters. “we” are plural by means the power of all parties leverage their resources altogether, and with “zmart” symbolises smart in our S2B2C ecosystem as the expression to improve professional’s quality works and lives.

Font: Lettering in Montserrat, white in colour.

Colour Palette: Purple+Iron (Code: #48466d), White (Code: #ffffff), turquoise (Code:#46cdcf)

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