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Business Process Outsourcing ("BPO") - The Business Model with "Coopetition"

Wezmart as a one-of-a-kind SME Connected Advisor provides more than financial & legal compliance and advisory services. We are moving forward creating a digital based professional compliance organisation with every intention to achieve work integration, transparency, authenticity, efficiency with wider geographical coverage.

What is BPO Shared Services Model (“B2B Platform”)?

COOPETITION is a new jargon combination words of ‘Collaboration’ and ‘Competition’ in the business world. We may encountered SHARECONOMY in other context which carries the same definition stresses parties working hand-in-hand in the new era to create synergistic results together. Indeed, this is the age of quantum leaps and the era of paradigm shifts where the business environment has turned into a process of perpetual dynamic transformations.

So, how can we share resources and among the competitors work along in the same industry?

As such, the emergence of BPO Shared Services Model is a B2B platform that promotes strong cohesion in business relationship among the BPO Associates and Wezmart (a.k.a. Industry Competitors) at the same ecosystem. It is a paradigm shift process of business parties functionality in a new business structured environment with BPO Associates and Wezmart benefited on leveraging each other strengths.

In short, we encouraging BPO Associates to focus on communication and uplift their skills on professional advisory to clients by outsourcing their time eating compliance administration works to Wezmart. In BPO Shared Services Model, Wezmart acted as a “Factory” or “Production House” will fully taken care of all the compliance administration works of BPO Associates without interfering their clients.

Strategic Advisor

With the growing BPO Shared Services Model promoting works specialisation has go in line with the recents reporting from The World Economic Forum, Oct 2020 version cited Strategic Advisors emerging as important job role in the coming next 5 years. Professional spending time to build relationship with their clients and focus to deepen their role in advisory works will have the better edge from their rivals. The role of advisor shall focus to grow with their clients together by creating added value in their services rendered rather merely a conventional services provider which could be easily substituted by competitors offering the same services.

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