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Legal Matters for Business

Legal regulations and compliance requirements governing business are rapidly changing and getting stricter with time. Companies nowadays are exposed more than ever under regulators’ microscopes at the same time as they are having to adapt to new business challenges.

In order to help safeguard your commercial interests and rights, we offer our experience, understanding of the pertinent legal regulations and in-depth industry knowledge to enable our clients to stay ahead of the curve and compliant with all applicable laws. Our legal advisors comprise of practicing advocates & solicitors who cover and provide a full range of business law advices including advising, implementation and representation.

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Merger & Acquisition

Corporate Restructuring Exercise

Business / assets takeover

Labour Law

Consultation of labour law issue

Audit of labour law compliance

Commercial Law

Contract, Start-up

Dispute resolution and litigation

Customer protection

Licensing, etc.

Legal & Tech Innovation Services

Strategic IP Management

Digital and IP Laws

Litigation and arbitration

Tax Dispute Resolution & Litigation

Tax consultation

Agency of tax dispute

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Corporate legal compliance

Corporate legal advisory