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Wezmart focused on assisting passionate SME entrepreneurs to grow world-class businesses in domestic and RCEP countries.

We are committed to leveraging our experience, our deep market knowledge and our operational expertise to create superior value to SME entrepreneurs and accelerate their business growth.

A business financial health, giving insight into its performance, operations, and cash flow status. Knowing how to determine the financial health of a company is a vital business skill. You need to know and having a clear picture of financial health can help you make more informed decisions about your organization’s direction, how resources are allocated and capturing any opportunities available there.

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Various source to improved business investment funding to grow business sustainability such as Crowdfunding, bank loan, cash flow lending and invoice financing.

With Wezmart network enables accredited investors from Venture Capitalists (“VC”), Angel Investors, Private Equities (“PE”) and Strategic Partners from local and overseas in accessing fully vetted business deals to help maximise business opportunity for start-ups and growing businesses geared towards nation building activities.


We work closely with startup accelerator and VC firm for firms in Malaysia and abroad. We offer mentorships, investment funding, business consulting and networking opportunities.

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We make appropriate investments for return stakes in the SME companies we fund…

All our venture investors offer a combination of financial contribution and professional input. At Wezmart, money is by far the smallest component as we focus on partnering with passionate entrepreneurs including startups to incubate and grow their ideas and businesses. We are committed to leveraging our regional experience, our market knowledge and our operational expertise to materialize superior value for our partners and accelerate their business growth, and in doing so we can usually see eye to eye on how an idea or concept should be expanded or how to tackle and solve a formidable or vague problem.

The second most important aspect of Wezmart’s operations is in helping SME companies face investors and acquirers. At Wezmart, we provide guidance on how to pitch business ideas to investors, and how to secure a deal once the prerequisite interest has been generated. Next, we supply not just verbal advice but concrete services such as intelligence property (“IP”) safeguards, like patenting and trademarking etc., as and when it is required.


We also ensure the startups that we fund are incorporated properly with all the standard compliance requirements, so as to avoid potential legal time-bombs which could cause serious hassle down the road. No startup thinks they’re going to need that, but almost all do at some point.

Wezmart’s singular purpose is to create superior and sustainable value for our partners through the following commitments:

  • Corporate and financial advisory

  • Corporate restructuring services

  • Fund raising services

  • Merger & acquisition ("M&A") lead advisory services


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