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Wezmart Group

This program recognizes the exemplary work of Wezmart’s employees by highlighting a dedication to our colleagues by demonstrating best practices, acts of good will, creativity, and ethics.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Each individual will be granted 5 votes.

  • You can only vote once for each individual, if votes are used for the same individual, it will be considered as 1 vote.

  • Each entry will be verified, hence kindly indicate accurate information (i.e name and department). Failure to be verified will result in rejected entry.

  • Each entry will remain confidential and will not be disclosed.

  • 5 Winners will be selected from a selection of 2022 Gem Award Winners, with the most number of votes.

  • In the event of similar number of votes contesting for the 5th place, only one winner will be selected by the management based on the individual's sense of belonging and contribution towards Wezmart's culture.

  • Winners will be awarded with RM1,000 ringgit each in cash.

YOUR VOTE (Limited to 5 votes):

IMPORTANT NOTE: Each individual will be granted 5 votes ONLY.

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GEM Award 07.png
GEM Award 08.png
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