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Digital Marketing & Consultation

Our Service

We are Digitalis Locus Sdn Bhd ("A subsidiary of Wezmart Group"). A innovative and results-oriented digital marketing consultant. We create smart digital solutions for smart companies, organisations and brands.

From idea to digital success_

We have helped our clients with their digital journey. Together we create tomorrow's digital solutions. We believe in delivering above expectation, preferably under budget and always on time. To be proactive and to be at least as committed to the end result as the clients.

How to achieve your digital goals?

In a digital landscape that is constantly changing and that constantly places new and greater demands, a clear strategy is incredibly important. Where should we be, be seen and work? Why? And in what way?

What are we going to achieve? How can it be achieved? How can the result be measured? And how can the data that is measured be translated into insights into your daily work? Who will manage, update and manage your digital venture? Who will create the necessary content – is the competence in-house or do you need help with content? On which platforms should you operate and what does it require of your organization to be on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. These are some of the questions that a clear digital strategy gives you the answer to.

At Digitalis Locus, the digital strategy is an important part of everything we do. In order to fully understand you and your business, we want you to be involved in the Digital Marketing Diagnostic Service. In the diagnostic analysis, we concretize your needs, your challenges, your opportunities and goals.

Together we can strengthen your business and start your digital journey.

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Digital Marketing Diagnostic

Current situation, environment, target group and trend. We give you a clear analysis for a continued successful project.

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Road Map

We set up a plan for your digital presence, your digital strategy and your digital business

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Measurement / Optimization

We analyze, screw on and optimize your content continuously across all channels

To create cost-effective advertising across all digital channels_

We have digital strategists and creators who can elevate your brand, organization or service. That can reach through the noise and engage, activate and convert. Targeted and relevant digital marketing based on equal parts data and creativity. Marketing that works.

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Keyword Advertising

Meet your audience at their most susceptible to conversion -- at the moment of search on Google. We create SEM campaigns that deliver results instantly.

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We make your website and landing page visible, to load quickly and work optimally for search.

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Social Media

Social media advertising is a very cost-effective choice to drive sales and strengthen the brand. 

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We monitor and read all data and continuously optimize your campaigns for the best possible conversion to the lowest possible CPC.

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We reach and activate your previous visitors. We help you with pixels and a smart digital customer journey.

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Words, images, sounds and moving -- we can help you develop the content you need.

Let's make it Digitalis Locus together!

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