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We Takes Care of Your Business's Most Valuable Asset -
Human Resources

Human Resource
in the A.I. age


Analyze & understand employee problems

Reinvent on boarding process

Reshare hiring & revamp training process

Revitalize performance analysis


Risk and compliance solutions provider

Run your human resource operations effectively and efficiently with minimal hassle with Wezmart comprehensive HR solutions. Our HR & Payroll services are designed to manage our multinational clients’ day-to-day HR related outsourcing processes across companies in Malaysia.

The purpose of using payroll outsource located in Malaysia is to increase your business’ operational efficiency control and data management through Wezmart's single point of accountability.

Our payroll system is built on modern technology for your business in Malaysia. This ensures you have enhanced functionality to create the most efficient payroll processing operational workflow and data management. Utilising our payroll system allows you to maximize your time and focus your attention on aspects of your business which requires your expertise.


Three steps to move your business forward:

Human resources management and advisory

Examination of processes, paperwork, records and key team interviews

Diagnostic Analysis of HR function and data

Diagnostic Presentation: Written Report with Recommendations and HR Plan

Wezmart’s HR Service Delivery Diagnostic helps to:

  • Diagnose the effectiveness and value of HR processes to internal customers.

  • Assess your HR technologies and explore better automation.

  • Identify high-priority opportunities for improvement.

  • Identify cost feasibility and impact of HR delivery changes — outsourcing/co-sourcing, consolidation, changing the role of your HR experts and generalist to be more strategic and/or moving to a shared services environment.

  • Right size your HR team if to large or too small based on best practices and benchmarking data.

  • Build a quantified business case for change by demonstrating the cost/benefit of change efforts.

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