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Clay Vase
Accounting shared services centre

Traditional BPO is dead. Yet the need to reinvent business operations is more paramount than ever.

We believe that in leveraging accounting platform technologies, important, timely and accurate accounting information can be made more accessible to everyone. Seeing as the pace and speed in which business decisions are made is crucial and growing ever so important, one way to stay competitive among your competitors and business rivals is the ability to react quickly and decisively and the only precursor to quicker decision-making comes from supporting data and information derived from your business on-demand. Wezmart’s customers are able to experience such data and information support by utilising ASSC. Key information of your business accounts are right at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere.


In line with our bookkeeping, accounting and corporate tax services, customers also have the option to outsource the entirety, or part of their accounting division to Wezmart. Prior discussion is required to ensure customer’s expectations are met.


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Wezmart ASSC Sdn. Bhd.

("A subsidiary of Wezmart Group")

Accounting shared services centre

Did you ever hear about OUTSOURCE ACCOUNT?

You can opt to outsource your entire accounting unit to us. Under this option, we will send our accounting personnel to your site. This approach fit your business has a very large volume of transactions that required support frequently.

Key Characteristics

  • Customer has few businesses.

  • To manage the whole accounting unit.

  • Accounting report tabulated monthly, quarterly or half-yearly. Finalizing the entire accounts by year end for submission compliance purposes.

  • Our personnel will be based at your office.


  • You will be free from hassle monitoring progress of internal accounts

  • You will be free from hassle to manage accounts department

  • You will be free from hassle dealing with fringe benefits

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